Football Recruiting: What They Look For

When being a high school football coach in contact with college coached, it is important to know what they look for when doing football recruiting. Being able to get a high school football player to earn a scholarship and get a free education is a very important aspect of being a high school coach. The ability to get a football player to the next level and help him earn a college education in exchange for that, is a great achievement. No matter what route the person goes with the football scholarship, the education will be something they'll always have.

So what do football scouts look for when they are recruiting?

  1. One thing that football recruiters look for is size. Obviously, size cannot be taught, but by playing someone in the proper position, a shortage of size can be overcome. Size is not as of much of a demand for a wide receiver or defensive back as it is for an offensive or defensive lineman.
  2. For every position on the football field, there is a demand for speed. Some people have the misconception that speed is not vital to many positions on the field. This is not true. It is important to do drills that will improve speed and agility for all positions on the field, not just running backs and wide receivers.
  3. Like speed, strength is also looked for by all football recruiters. Not just offensive and defensive lineman, all positions require good strength.  
  4. Quarterbacks. When football players are recruited to play quarterback, the recruiters are looking for a quarterback and can pass and run. It is important to have a quarterback that knows how to run an offensive with a variety of plays.

Football recruiting is a gigantic industry. As a coach, being able to know what football recruiters are looking for can be a very valuable asset that can lead to getting football players to the next level and getting them rewards such as college scholarships, and some cases, lucrative professional football contracts.

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