Force Factor Side Effects

Some Force Factor side effects may occur from taking the supplement. Force Factor is a sports nutrition brand. It is meant to help fitness buffs burn fat and build lean muscle. If used properly, the supplement will assist you in performing at the highest level possible. It ensures that you reach your best by providing you with explosive energy. Keep in mind that you may experience some of the following Force Factor side effects when you start taking the supplements.

  1. Headaches – One of the most common Force Factor side effects that people may experience is headaches. The headaches are minor and don't last for long. If you get severe headaches, it would be advisable to visit your doctor. If you're headaches don't go away, you will also want to see a doctor to discuss the problem.
  2. Stomach Cramps – Stomach cramps are another minor Force Factor side effect that some people have experienced. If you take the prescribed dosage, this side-effect is unlikely to occur. However, it’s important to seek medical help if you develop severe stomach cramps. You will also want to visit a doctor if you have stomach cramps that last for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Cellular Damage – This is one of those extremely rare Force Factor side effects. Since the product has nitric oxide, you will need to stick with the prescribed dosage. If a person has excess nitric oxide, their body can produce an abundance of oxygen by-products. It’s important to avoid this because it can lead to cellular damage. If you stick to the recommended dose, you won’t need to worry about this Force Factor side effect.
  4. Nausea – A final Force Factor side effect that can occur is nausea. If you eat properly, you will not have to worry about this possible side-effect. Don’t skip a meal after you take the supplement. Force Factor should be taken thirty minutes before breakfast and dinner. If you take the supplement and do not eat a meal, you are likely to feel nauseous.
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