Ford Focus Sensor Repair Tips

Ford focus sensor repair tips are a hot topic in the Ford owner community. At any given time, your vehicle contains many sensors but these sensors all have two things in common. They are all connected to your vehicle’s diagnostic system and they are all basically resistors of some sort. Sensor repair in this class of vehicle is fairly common. Let’s explore the process.

To perform Ford Focus sensor repair, you will need:

  • Ford Focus diagnostic program
  • Complete automotive tool kit
  • Automotive Parts Facility
  1. Take your diagnostic program and evaluate the vehicle for dysfunctional sensors. They should show up on the diagnostic program. They will be highlighted on the diagram of the car with their functions.
  2. Locate the appropriate sensor. Most sensors are very small resistors with a small protective covering. They tend to be very difficult to see. The key to this exercise is to locate the appropriate sensor specified by your diagram.
  3. Replace the defective sensor with one from your automotive parts facility. Copy down the part number from your diagram and take it to the parts store. Return to your vehicle with the replacement and exchange the two parts. Your repairs are complete.

Ford focus sensor repair is not a very challenging enterprise. Most experienced automotive repair gurus spend more time looking for the sensor than repairing it. Some of them are in hard to reach places and others are a bit confusing in how they look. The oxygen sensor looks very different from most resistor-type sensors. So don’t get confused. When you are in doubt, download a parts index from Ford.

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