Foreign Sports Cars: 10 Best

With this list of ten best foreign sports cars, choosing a ride will become less difficult. Take a look at these fast cars from around the world. They are just the tip of the iceberg with some of the best cars and brands existing in this era. 

  1. Mazda RX-8. Born in 2003, this Japanese manufacture is well known for having an increasing top speed in a normal paced rhythm. It's a good car if you want to take your chances in long roads and straight lines. If you want to put an antagonist to it, that would be the Alfa Romeo GT.
  2. Dodge Viper SRT-10. This meteoric car is as fast as a shooting star. Born in the USA, this Dodge was made to devour the Viper Racing League, thus being completely forbidden to use on American roads. That's why this beauty could be considered "foreign" in this list.
  3. Audi TT. Rejoice everybody; the Germans have made a glorious car. There is nothing else to say about this machine, as long as you are part of the TT Car Club. For non-members, you can always ask for help. 
  4. Lamborghini Murcielago. “Bellisimo” is what they say in Italy for such a fast masterpiece. The Italians are so proud of it, ever since 2002. Considered as exotic for its design, it leaves an outstanding impression when it comes in black. Two special factors here are the 631 horse power engine and super efficient handling.
  5. Ferrari GTB Fiorano. Another “Italiano” high-speed comer to rock your world. 2010 is as fresh as a shower in summer; also as comforting too. This two passenger gran turismo was the offspring of Jason Castriota and Fabrizio Valentini. Thanks guys!
  6. Nissan 370Z. Japan must be populated by extremely high tech cars, such as this one. Also warmly known as “Fairlady Z” it has a long background behind its development; something like five generations! Three main factors to consider here: good handling, smooth acceleration and resistant body.
  7. Renault Clio RS 200. Romance is the first thing you can get in France, and adrenaline is something you will fully obtain once inside this bullet. The engine was the key all along the successive generations, meaning it still remains the same after the years. Proving that once you reach the best, it is a clever idea to carry it to the next model.
  8. Ford Shelby GT 500. It was first made in the USA, and it made its first appearance in the New York Auto Show. What do you find once you get in gear? Check this out. It comes with unique suspension tuning, springs, anti-roll bands and twelve to fifteen mm ride height reduction. Just so you know: the inspiration came from the Mustang GT model.
  9. Aston Martin DB9. Two words will help the drivers remember the Aston Martin legacy: comfort and refinement. This British original gets an outstanding over the top handling. It also shows innovations, such as organic electro-luminiscent displays, giving you wider clarity and resolution. For those who want one and can buy one, it comes in two forms: the Coupe and Volante convertible.
  10. BMW M3 E92. Of German manufacture, it is considered a handsome devil with eight cylinders instead of four, and improved with an even higher level of comfort compared with its previous incarnations. The engine has also been tuned with a new software. It is also heavier now, but that doesn’t mean it gets slower. A fact that can be guaranteed by any proud owner around.
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