Foreplay Tips To Drive Her Wild

Want to know foreplay tips to drive her wild? Check out the following tips and you'll drive your partner wild in no time. It's no secret women rely on foreplay for arousal far more than men, so knowing foreplay tips to drive her wild is key to pleasing your woman.

  1. Be affectionate It's no secret woman love affection, but men can forget how important affection can be in pleasing a woman. If you want to drive your woman wild, you must be affectionate. Hold your woman, caress her skin softly, hold her tightly and look deep into her eyes.
  2. Communicate with her Proper communication is key to driving her wild. Both verbal and non-verbal communication are important in foreplay. Pay attention to how she responds to your touch. Find out where her hot spots are and tease her. Verbal communication is just as important to drive her wild. Tell her how she's been on your mind all day, how much she means to you and how much you care.
  3. Talk dirty No foreplay tip can go further in helping drive her wild than talking dirty. Create a sense of anticipation in her with your words. Tell her want you want to do to her and what you want her to do to you. Be suave, clever and sexual with your words.
  4. Give her a massage We all know a massage can go along way. A quick foreplay tip is to give your partner a massage. A nice, sensual massage after a hard day's work will definitely drive her wild.
  5. Take her out to dinner You can't go wrong with a romantic meal. A nice restaurant with candles and soft music playing in the background is sure to set a romantic mood. Taking her out for a nice dinner is definitely a good way to get her going.
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