Fossil Watch Battery Replacement Guide

If the battery on your Fossil watch has died, use this Fossil watch battery replacement guide to repair it. Fossil watches are made pressure sealed, which makes battery replacement is a little difficult if not done with proper care. Fossil highly recommends that you send them your fossil watch for battery replacement simply because special tools are used to replace the battery. However this will cost you around $17, because battery replacement isn’t included in their eleven year warranty from the date of purchase. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to get special tools to replace your fossil watch battery, because the things you need may just be inside your toolbox.

You will need:

  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Handkerchief (Or any piece of soft plain cloth)
  • Battery
  1. Before doing anything to your fossil watch, make sure that you’re working in a well lit place on a clean and dry surface. Spread your handkerchief on the surface that will serve as your workplace.

  2. Check the back of the watch. Find the slots where you will insert one corner of the screwdriver to rotate the back plate counter clockwise.

  3. Once the back plate is removed, remove the nylon cover. Use the screw driver to pry the nylon cover up.

  4. With the use of the screw driver again, press the spring carefully until the battery holder is released.

  5. Replace the battery.

  6. To seal the fossil watch again, repeat these steps backwards.

  7. For Twist battery replacement, follow the first step then remove the movement stem. Use the screwdriver again to remove the screws of the movement. This is for ME1019 and ME1020.

  8. Carefully remove the small second hand at nine. There’s no need to remove the other hands.

  9. Remove the VX3NE movement. This is done along with the dial from MD005/VX3NE movement combined.

  10. Lift the old battery out from the bottom of VX3NE movement. Replace it with the new battery.

  11. Put the movements back together again. Place VX3NE movement onto the MD005/-VX3NE movement carefully.

  12. Place the small second hand at nine again. Screw the fix movement to finish replacing the battery.


  • Most fossil models use quartz batteries, but if you are not sure, check what kind of battery your fossil watch uses.

  • Be extra careful when handling the screw driver, because it may leave a few scratches on the fossil watch.

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