Fossil Watch Repair Instructions

Looking for Fossil watch repair instructions? Well, the best answer to this is probably to take the watch in to a watch maker for repairs. This is because there are so many things that could conceivably be wrong with your Fossil watch that may need repair. However, if you are certain that the watch movement itself is bad, then you can repair your Fossil watch by replacing the movement itself. This is the repair this article will concentrate upon.

 The items needed to repair a Fossil watch will include.

  • Screw drivers
  • New movement
  • Spring bar tool
  • Case knife
  • Adjustable Case back wrench
  • Pith wood
  • Dial adhesive
  • Hand puller
  • Tweezers
  • Hand press
  • Case back press

The process to repair a Fossil watch will go as follows.

  1. Find movement.Use online and local sources to locate and purchase a replacement movement for your Fossil watch.
  2. Remove bracelet. If the bracelet or strap will not allow unimpeded access to the case back use the spring bar tool and remove the bracelet.
  3. Remove case back. Use the proper tool and remove the case back. It may require the adjustable case wrench, a proper fitting screw driver, or the case knife.
  4. Remove stem. Use either the tweezers or a screw driver to remove the stem from the movement. If there is a screw unscrew it, if not press on the dimple of the lever near the stem and pull it free.
  5. Remove movement ring. Use the tweezers and remove the movement retaining ring. Sit it aside in a safe place.
  6.  Remove the movement. Carefully remove the movement from the case. Take care not to touch the inside of the crystal and leave a fingerprint. Sit the movement upon the pith wood.
  7. Remove hands. Use the hand puller and carefully remove the hands from the movement. If you do not have a hand puller carefully use tweezers and take great care not to bend them. Sit them aside in a safe place.
  8. Remove dial. Remove the dial from the movement if possible. If it is not held in place by a tab, but is instead glued in place now is the time to get in touch with whoever you got the movement from and buy a new dial also.
  9. Attach dial to movement. Attach the dial to the new movement. If there is no retaining tab use a small amount of dial adhesive.
  10. Put hands on movement. Attach the hands to the new movement with the hand press. Remember to put them on in the proper order. The proper order will be hour minute second. Take care not to bend them. Watch them move throughout a 24 hour rotation to insure they are free and unimpeded in movement.
  11. Put movement in case. Carefully replace the movement in the case. Again, take care not to touch the inside of the crystal or there will be a fingerprint there that cannot be removed short of removing the movement again.
  12. Replace retaining ring. Use the tweezers and replace the movement retaining ring to keep the movement in place.
  13. Replace stem. Use the appropriate method and replace the stem into the watch movement.
  14. Replace case back. Use the appropriate tool and replace the case back on your Fossil watch. Take care not to damage any case back gasket or it will need to be replaced.
  15. Replace bracelet.  If you removed the bracelet use the same tool and reattach the bracelet to the watch case now

This is not a hard task but does require a number of specialized tools and some care and patience to perform. In most cases, for most people, it is better to take the watch in to a professional watchmaker. Good luck with the repairs to your Fossil watch.

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