Fossil Watch Stem Removal Guide

Here is a Fossil Watch Stem Removal Guide.  Basically, Fossil can use two different methods to attach the stem to their watch movement, depending upon the individual model. Both methods of removing the stem from a Fossil watch will be discussed here.

Tools needed to remove the stem from a Fossil watch:

  • Case knife
  • Case back wrench
  • Watch maker screw drivers
  • Spring bar tool
  • Pointy end tweezers
  • Case holder
  1.  Prepare to remove stem.  Place the watch in a watch holder and inspect the back. Determine if the bracelet needs to come off the back of the watch in order to work on the movement. Determine the method which the watch uses for attaching the case back to the case.
  2. Gather tools needed. If the bracelet needs removing you will need a spring bar tool.  If there are a series of small slots along the case back you will need to use the adjustable case wrench to remove the case back. This type takes a lot of room to use so pay close attention to the possibility of removing a metal bracelet if the watch has one.  If there is a slot along the gap between case and case back it is a press fit case and will use the case knife. If there is a series of small screws you will use a proper fitting screw driver.
  3. Remove bracelet if needed.  If the bracelet need removing use the spring bar tool and remove the bracelet. Take care not to lose the spring bars.
  4. Remove case back.  Use the proper tool and remove the case back from the watch. Take care here not to damage any case back gasket or it will need to be replaced to retain water resistance.
  5. Determine stem removal method.  Look carefully inside of the watch where the stem enters the movement. If there is a small screw then you will need a screw driver to remove it. If there is a small lever you will need to depress it to remove the stem. The lever should have a small dimple where you press it. If you cannot see a lever try wriggling the stem slightly, you should see the lever move also.
  6. Remove stem.  If the crown is a screw down crown unscrew it. Some watches will also require the stem be pulled out to the set location to be removed, so this can be done also. If there is a screw use a proper fitting screw driver and unscrew the screw, the screw usually does not need to be completely removed. If there is a lever use the pointy end of tweezers to depress the lever. Pull the stem free from the watch movement.

That is how you remove the stem from a Fossil watch. As you can see, it is not a hard job, but must be done slowly and carefully not to damage fragile parts. Good luck removing the stem from your Fossil watch if you attempt it.

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