Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument is located in Navajo Country. This unique monument represents the intersection of four different states: New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. It is the only destination in the United States that this occurs. Here is an overview of the Four Corners Monument.

  1. Navajo Nation: The Navajo Nation is found in over 15 million miles of land and territory. Monuments like Four Corners are protected and maintained by these great people. Visitors will see demonstrations of various Indian artwork on the Four Corners Monument site. Vendors also sell beadwork and other things that represent the heritage of the Navajo Nation in this area.
  2. Original marker: The original monument was set up in 1912. In 1992, the monument site was completed in brass and granite to protect its significance in history. The marker consists of each state emblem and name. If you stand in the center, you will be actually standing in all four states.
  3. Park fees: Park fees for the monument are less than $3 per adult. Children under six get in free of charge. Although its open almost every day of the year, hours may vary for each season. It is closed on major holidays.
  4. Self-guided tours: Visitors may hike along the Dancin' Horse Trail once they arrive to Four Corners. It's a short 30-minute hike from start to finish. The terrain is slippery, so please be careful when hiking. It is recommended that hikers bring plenty of water and other things to drink before heading out. Visitors should also be aware that the park is not responsible for theft or accidents that occur on the trail. Also hike in large groups.

The Four Corners Monument continues to be a site of historical interest. Along with the Navajo Indians, the Ute also inhabit the land. Visitors can learn much about the people when they come to Four Corners.



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