Franklin Mutual Funds

Looking for information about Franklin mutual funds? Franklin mutual funds are administered by Franklin Templeton Investments. Franklin Templeton Investments was founded in 1947 by Rupert Johnson. An interesting fact about Franklin Templeton Investments is that the company was named after Benjamin Franklin. The first mutual funds that were ever offered by Franklin Templeton Investments were the Franklin Custodian Funds. Franklin Templeton Investments has corporate offices in Sacramento, California and St. Petersburg, FL. In total, Franklin Templeton Investments has offices in over 30 countries.

Franklin Templeton Investments is a global investment company. In addition to managing mutual funds, Franklin Templeton Investments also handles retirement savings vehicles and college savings plans. Mutual funds that are offered by Franklin Templeton Investments include recovery funds, beacon funds, European funds, financial services funds, global discovery funds, international funds, quest funds, and shares funds. Available shares of Franklin mutual funds include A shares, B and B1 shares, C shares, R shares, and Z shares. The Z share mutual funds that are offered by Franklin Templeton Investments are also known as advisor shares.

Franklin Templeton Investments offers mutual funds that have a life span of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. You will find mutual funds at Franklin Templeton Investments that have Morningstar ratings of 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars. Categories of Franklin mutual funds that are available include value, blend, growth, sector, global, international, hybrid, asset allocation, fixed income, tax free income, and money funds. In total, Franklin Templeton Investments offers 8 different domestic and international mutual funds.



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