Frat Music

Frat music soundtracks everything from all night ragers to binge drinking on foreign beaches, wild orgies, intimate sexual encounters, stoner sessions and tender moments between fraternity brothers. It’s a diverse field with some prominent stapes.

  1. Classic rock from Led Zeppelin to the Steve Miller Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence Clear Water Revival and more prove way popular with the dudes in the frats. In order to go over well at the frat, classic rock requires certain attributes. It must be testosterone fueled (Zep), all about getting high and waster (Steve Miller), raw and righteous (Creedence) or epic and manly with righteous guitar solos (Skynyrd.) So get down with it kids.
  2. Sublime is a frat music staple. Why? Well, because at least half of their songs are about getting high and the rest are about partying, fighting, having sex, rioting, hanging out with your dog, eating pizza, listening to music, surfing, chillin’ and pretty much everything else frat dudes like doing. Really, Sublime is the perfect soundtrack for the frat. Temper it with some 311 for the hard rockin’ times and some Red Hot Chili Peppers for the funky times and you’ve got a perfect recipe. 
  3. Hard rock and heavy metal go over like a led zeppelin at the frat house. That is to say, they crash through the ceiling, land on the living room floor and never leave. Classic metal and hard rock like Black Sabbath and AC/DC are frat staples. New Wave of British Heavy Metal titans like Iron Maiden always have a place, as do classic American thrash groups like Metallica, Slayer and Pantera. More recent metal bands such as Tool, Helmet and Deftones provide some interest, as do groups like Nirvana and, unfortunately, Nickelback and Creed. Extreme metal genres like black, death and grind may have a few frat fans but are not generally popular.
  4. Reggae and frats go together like fries and ketchup. The thing about frat brothers is, they love them some weed. And the thing about reggae musicians is, they love them some weed. Put that together and you have the perfect music for the frat wake n’ bake, after class smoke session, pre-party chill out, Saturday afternoon hot box, and any other weed smoking proclivities happen in those hallowed academic institutions.
  5. Hip Hop kills it at the frat for a number of reasons. First off, it’s the ultimate party music. You can dance to it, you can quote it, you can rap and shout along, you can hump to it and most mainstream hip hop is about all of those things. Underground hip hop appeals to the intellectual and alternative frat guys, while mainstream hip hop dominates the pop charts and is what the kids want to hear these days. Top frat hip hop acts include Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Jay-Z and Rick Ross.
  6. The rest is an enormous hodgepodge of styles and genres. The thing about frats is, they’re easy to stereotype but when you scratch the surface, all types of guys join up for different reasons. Pearl Jam and Dave Mathews Band find a home in frat music collections throughout the world, though so do groups like Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and genres like dubstep and IDM. Sensitive frat fellows love singer songwriters from Bob Dylan to David Gray, Damien Rice and Nick Drake, while the agro set loves brutal hardcore along the lines of Sick of it All and Terror. And you can bet your bottom dollar that country from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to Billy Ray Sirus and Barth Brooks has a home in the frat house.    
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