Free Blackberry Themes

Are you one of the millions of cell phone owners who own a BlackBerry smartphone and are looking for free BlackBerry themes to use on your phone? You’re in luck because we have the list worth checking out and bookmarking for later use. People who love creative themes for their BlackBerry smartphones are going to love these free themes.

  1. Imaging Theme 2.2 Distributed by MMMOOO and made by Javier Ocasio from StudioTwentyEight, this free Blackberry theme is meant to invoke the look and feel of life in a busy city. According to MMMOOO, this theme is available on most BlackBerry models and can be downloaded via RIM’s App Store or via QR code.
  2. iColor-99.99 Perfect Also available from MMMOOO, this free BlackBerry theme is a colorful one that features large icons for those who want to be able to locate their favorite BlackBerry feature fast. It also allows for more customization because of the options it gives viewers for wallpaper settings: one of a world map and the other is a kind of colorful wind tunnel.
  3. Tribal Star Theme Are you sporting a tribal tattoo and can’t get enough of those designs? Well, now your BlackBerry can also sport a cool tribal design, too, with this free BlackBerry theme, made by Access Lane Inc. While available for most devices on the OS5 software, the actual designs available may vary depending on how graphically advanced your particular device is.
  4. Paper Theme This free BlackBerry theme won second prize in RIM’s 2010 Theme Design Competition for its abstract design and minimalist feel. In fact, it’s an excellent mix of both vintage and modern.
  5. Football Field 2010 Are you a soccer nut and just can’t get enough branding on your shirts or your car? Well, this free BlackBerry theme may be the one for you. Just upgrade your operating software to OS5 and download it. This theme, made by phoneSOS, allows you to show everyone that you’re not afraid to show off your love of football.
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