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If you’ve never searched for free board games online, you may be surprised to learn that dozens are available without any cost to play. Whether you’re looking for traditional board games online, such as “Battleship” or “Monopoly,” or you want to try something brand new, there are plenty of websites with an assortment of free versions for you to enjoy. Many of these websites have site memberships available, with accomplishments you can unlock via game play, like shiny badges or avatar items. Listed below are ten great examples, in no particular order, which are offered free to play.

  1. “Monopoly.” Without a doubt, “Monopoly” continues to be one of the most popular board games of all time. If you’d like to play this one online with other players, be they friend or foe, try the “Monopoly the World Edition” version over at Pogo or the classic edition on Yahoo! Games.
  2. “Battleship.” Systematically-or randomly-place your ships while trying to sink your opponent's vessels in this classic, free board game. Pogo has a version with great graphics, and plenty of players ready to challenge a newcomer.
  3. Chess. Chess is a timeless classic, and if this is one of the free board games online you’re interested in, several websites have a version available. Go head-to-head with a talented opponent over on Yahoo! Games, or wrangle a buddy over on Pogo.
  4. “Risk.” Practice your world domination techniques with friends by playing “Risk,” which is available for free over in Pogo’s board game category. Up to five players can go head-to-head, conquering different contents and capturing territories.
  5. “Literati.” If you’re a fan of “Scrabble,” then you may love the similar free online board game over on Yahoo! Games. Spell out words to beat your opponents, the longer and more complicated the better, and dazzle strangers with your strong vocabulary.
  6. Chinese Checkers. Grab your virtual marbles in one of the most popular free board games online, and square-off against one or two other players over on Yahoo! Games. If you’ve never played before, you can always create a table and play against Robots to learn the game without human opponents.
  7. “Yahtzee.” Pogo is one of the few places with a library of free board games to offer a version of this classic game, called “Yahtzee Party.” Scoop up and toss the virtual dice, but don’t forget to yell-or type-“Yahtzee!”
  8. Dominoes. A variety of webites with free board games offer a version of Dominoes, including both Pogo and Yahoo! Games. A great multiplayer option, never underestimate the challenge of defeating random opponents brought together by the lure of board games online.
  9. Mah Jong. Yahoo! Games has over ten Mah Jong board games available, though only four are available online and without requiring a download. Pogo has “Mahjong Garden Deluxe,” which-like most of the Mah Jong games online-is single player.
  10. “Operation.” If you want a nostalgic throw-back to classic board games, consider the “Operation Mania” over on Pogo. This single player board game is a virtual version of the traditional “Operation” game, with cute graphics and truly challenging game-play.
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