Free Cooking Games Online

Free cooking games online offer the best in a variety of cooking categories and flavors. These games include restaurant games, pizza games, baking games and ice cream games, to name a few. Playing the roles of chef, baker or pizza maker is loads of fun. So dig in and have fun.  Bon appetite!

  1. “Cake Mania”- “Cake Mania” is a free cooking game online. You play the role of Jill who returns from cooking school to find her grandparents' bakery shut down. She decides to open her own bakery. Help Jill bake amazing cakes for her customer and use the cash for upgrades.
  2. “Frenzy Kitchen”- In this game you will play the role of Disney’s Goofy. You will manage Mickey Mouse’s kitchen. Test your skills to serve the correct meal to the correct customer. It is a game of memory.
  3. “Great Burger Builder”- The “Great Burger Builder” is a game of skill time management. In this game, you are a cook and your role is to drag and drop ingredients onto the buns. It is a game of memory. You need to serve everything in exact order from the chart.
  4. “Donuts Mania”- This is a free cooking game online where you prepare the best donuts in town. Sell them to customers and click on the donut and toppings the customer wants. Once you make the customer happy, move on.
  5. “Burger Boy”- In this game, grill burgers, but don’t burn them or the fries either. You need to serve burgers with toppings, fries and beverages. Preparation and perfect timing are everything. You need to serve several customers at once.
  6. “Pizza Passion”- In “Pizza Passion,” you make the best pizza in town. The better the pizza is, the more kisses you get from the girls. Keep pizza in the air for a long time and score more by collecting toppings.
  7. “Soup Shop”- “Soup Shop” Sally gets up early in the morning to make soup for her customers. You have a limited time to cook as much as you can with in the allotted time. Click on cupboards and fridge to find soup items.
  8. “Dinner Party”- In this game, click on food to see how to cook it. Cook things like pizza, chicken wings and dumplings. If you bring the wrong food to your customer, you will lose points.
  9. “Beach Ice Cream”- Hot summer days are perfect for ice cream. This game makes the perfect free cooking game online. Prepare the best ice cream cups for customers. Earn points for satisfied customers.
  10. “Mikey Crazy Cafeteria”- They don’t call it fast food for nothing. This game is fast paced. You fill the orders as they go by on the conveyor belt. You have to fill punch in the glass, ketchup on the fries and chocolate sauce on the ice cream.



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