Free Diet Plans To Lose Weight

Free diet plans to lose weight flood the internet. Losing weight in a healthy fashion produces real winners. Investigating the best diet plan means sifting through the quick fads. Consider when looking through free diet plans, a free diet plan that provides a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change brings the most profound change in weight.  Free diet plans that are holistic in nature, take in consideration the whole man. These are the diet plans that ensure the greatest success.

  1. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a free diet plan that claims to help lose weight. Accessible through a free-book at, the Cabbage Soup web site provides a shopping list  and email tips to keep you on track. The diet consists of a vegetable-based soup that is consumed for seven days. Generally the diet does not include any other entrees or side dishes during the initial seven day period. Subsequent periods or "The Cabbage Soup Diet Maintenance" includes the addition  of  fruit, a small potato and small amount of protein. The weight loss is premised on the being full from the water-based soup. For a lifestyle change eliminate fatty, flour-laden and fast foods. Eat only whole grains and vegetables with boiled or broiled protein. Add a bowl of the soup before each meal.  One day a week follow the Cabbage Soup Maintenance plan.        
  2. The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade diet, is a free diet plan that primarily makes claims to cleanse the body. The Master Cleanse is not a diet plan, per se, but is followed along the lines of  a diet. The original three-day plan consisted of a fast hot lemonade with blackstrap molasses, and Cayenne pepper taken with no other foods. The blackstrap molasses provides heaping B vitamins while the lemons supply the Vitamin C. Although there are  7 day and 21 day Master Cleanses, this diet is not recommended for longer than three days. The current Master Cleanse uses Maple Syrup instead of blackstrap molasses. Find this plan at   
  3. The Fat Flush is a diet plan designed by Dr Ann Gittlelman featured for free on The Fat Flush diet has three phases each  designed to shed weight quickly, keep the weight loss momentum and establish maintenance. The diet wisely prohibits the bad fats such as margarine butter and  while emphasizing the best fats, Omega3. The Fat Flush reccomends exercise to optimize the plan. Of the all three diets the Fat Flush represents the most balanced plan.         



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