Free Diving Breathing Techniques

Free diving breathing techniques are used by all free divers. When you first start out with free diving, you tend to stay at relatively shallow depths, and you might not realize just how important your breathing is. With the right free diving breathing techniques, you will be able to strengthen your lungs and achieve deeper and deeper depths, making your free diving experience much more rewarding.

  1. Hold your breath while on land. Your goal is to get to two minutes holding your breath. This is the amount of time that most free divers max out at. Rather than endangering yourself under the water, when you’re just starting out, utilize the free diving breathing technique of timing yourself with a stop watch while sitting down.
  2. Move around and hold your breath on land. Once you can hold your breath for a minute or more while sitting, stand up and move around. When you’re free diving, you won’t have the luxury of sitting still. This means you need to learn to hold your breath for a prolonged period of time while moving, and this free diving breathing technique can help you.
  3. Splash your face with water as you hold your breath. When practicing holding your breath on land, you can trigger your mammalian diving reflex by splashing cold water on your face. This reflex tells your brain that there’s water nearby and that you may need to hold your breath. Once the reflex is triggered, you should be able to hold your breath longer.
  4. Exhale slowly. Whether you just completed a breathing exercise on land or you’re coming up from out of the water, don’t let all your breath out at once. This will make it more difficult to hold your breath again for a prolonged period of time in the near future.

Never go free diving or complete a free diving breathing exercise without someone with you. You need to have someone supervising at all times. These exercises are potentially dangerous, and if you pass out, the results could be fatal. Never do any of the above techniques or free dive by yourself.

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