Free Games For Cell Phones

If you're looking to find some very cool free games for cell phones, then these awesome mobile games will definitely get you off to the right start. It's a pretty awesome concept to be able to play racing games, classic games, real time strategy games, and even shooter games on your very own mobile device in the comfort of your hands, but what's even cooler is the luxury of being able to play all of those games completely for free. Be sure to check out these free games for cell phones.

  1. "Super Mario Planet." What would free games for cell phones be without a little bit of Mario involved? "Super Mario Planet" is one of the best free games for cell phones you could possibly have. The game is a remake of sorts of the original, albeit in a mobile form, where you could join him on all his adventures and battle his classic enemies.
  2. "Act of War 2: Global Confederation." What could possibly be better than having a real time strategy game on your very own mobile phone in the palm of your hand? This makes "Act of War 2: Global Confederation" a definite must-have when it comes down to free games for cell phones. Build your own army, command your troops and units, and beat a 7 mission campaign.
  3. "High Speed 3D." Free games for cell phones wouldn't be the same without any racing games and that's exactly what "High Speed 3D" is. "High Speed 3D" lets players race through some pretty busy city environments, you can even modify your car, the game also features some highly realistic driving physics as well.
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