Free Online Hidden Object Games

In the category of hidden objects games on any game site, you will find some fun free online hidden object games. In hidden object games, your job is to search for items that are hidden in places such as old houses, hotels, oceans, castles and outdoor areas. Most hidden object games give you bonuses for locating certain items.

  1. Dream Day Wedding– In this game, Jenny is getting married and your job is to make her wedding day a dream come true. But in this free online hidden object game, you will find things don’t always run smoothly. There are twelve levels you need to complete to get Jenny to her wedding day happily.
  2. Hide and Secret– Hide and Secret tell the story of Jacques, a villain who has stolen the Treasures of the Ages. The two characters, Will and Anna set out on a mission to get the treasure back. In order to get the treasure back, you will need to help Will and Anna find hidden objects. You will travel to several exotic locales over 30 levels.
  3. Miss Teri Tale– Miss Teri’s neighbor, Monty, has been murdered. Miss Teri goes out to find his killer. In this free online hidden object game, you will search for clues along the way over the course of 60 levels. Miss Teri will discover things are not as they seem with this murder.
  4. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste– The Mary Celeste is a ship that was found in 1872 with the crew missing and never found. On the Mary Celeste II, strange happening are going on. You must search for hidden objects and solve the clues to the mysterious disappearance.
  5. Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch– Samantha is sent to find a scroll of wealth and discovers the job is not as easy as she thought. You use a scanner to search for certain artifacts. Search for lightening bolts in each scene to get additional hints.
  6. Amazing Finds– In this free online hidden object game, your uncle is a collector of unique items. He has his niece to travel the world to collect eight rare items for his collection. You will travel to eight locations and shop flea markets to search through hundreds of item to spot unique objects for your quest.
  7. Paparazzi– Your role is a paparazzi who works for a tabloid paper. You travel all over the world to get the scoop on the hottest gossip. You need to take the best pictures to sell for cash.
  8. Dream Chronicles 2– This is a challenging free online hidden object game. There are 80 challenges to solve over the course of 25 chapters. Faye needs help in getting out of the Eternal Maze. Along the way, she searches hidden areas for clues and collects dream jewels.
  9. Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare– This is another challenging game that stars Flora. She is lying in a coma after someone tried to kill her. You go through 20 scenes to search for hidden objects and solve 30 challenging puzzles as your try and find her killer.
  10. Big City Adventure: San Francisco –Your job is to search for hidden objects in various locations throughout San Francisco. You will learn a few unique facts about San Francisco. There are 120 levels and 60 unique facts.
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