Free Online Multiplayer Shooting Games

Looking for a free online multiplayer shooting game that you can play with your friends?  Get your guns, coma-inducing beverages and junk food handy.  You'll be shooting baddies and outranking your friends with these free shooting games, listed below.

  1. Combat Arms: Run by the same people behind Maplestory, Combat Arms has earned comparisons to Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3, and for good reason.  With over nine modes of multiplayer play, the ability to gain levels due to your skill, and the sheer thrill of earning head shots or nut shots, this game is just un-put-downable.  Mind the hackers, stick to the novice servers if you're a beginner, shoot, and you're good to go.  There's a catch, however: you can only get more weapons by buying them with Nexon cash or with points earned in the game.
  2. Quake Live: If you haven't heard of Quake, then you have possibly been living under a rock, or have inhabited the Amazon rainforest for quite some time.  Get out from under that rock, because Quake Live will rock your socks, eyes and joints until they're raw.  This free online shooting game is essentially a playable version of Quake III Arena, with all the nuts and bolts that makes this instantly addict-worthy.  There's one catch, however: you'll need to pay a subscription fee to access the extra content, which includes the ability to create your own game.
  3. Action Quake: Like Quake Live, Action Quake is based on the Quake platform, with a tinge of more realism.  Get shot in the chest?  There's a chance you won't survive.  Scratch that–you won't.  Trying to find cover is vitally more important in this game, as well as teamwork.  This game is not friendly for shooting novices, so if you are, steer clear and stick to easier games. Only try this game if you want to try a realistic version of Quake.
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