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Facebook is a treasure trove of free online game-play, but the site offers precious few free online RPG games for men—unless, of course, you like farming. Other sites are a mixed bag as well. So where can the avid gamer go to while away the lunch hour without having to pay for the fun at hand? What games are hot, fun and borderline addictive? What's also free and won't make you feel like a pansy for playing it? Read on to find out.

TDP3: Ultra Kill

TDP3 Ultra Kill.jpg

The Darkness Project on Mochi Media brings you this multi-player action game. The goal is to assert your dominion as the baddest of the bad with the business end of a gun. Fight against other players and earn in-game money. Use these funds to upgrade weaponry. Rely on these weapons upgrades to increase your standing among the players. Chat with users while in the game.

Haunted Asylum

Haunted Asylum.jpg

A list of free online RPG games for men would be incomplete without mentioning Melting Mindz and its Haunted Asylum. Players get trapped inside an asylum and must find the way out. The door is locked and the player is alone. As the player proceeds, he must locate possible escape tools and a map. This game combines cunning with patience and transforms the player from the initial role of the visitor to the escapee.

Doctor Ku


The new rage in role-playing games are the room escape scenarios. The player is trapped in a room with no discernable way out. Clues lead to tools, which may be used to find other clues. In this instance, cooperating with an alien creature might lead to a way out. Then again, a misstep can lead to the destruction of clues. Tread lightly while playing the role of the room escapee!

Bike Master 


Forget driving games and race cars: bikes are hot! The bike master is the road warrior who takes on the mountain. Unafraid of bumps, holes and obstacles, go ahead and play the role of the seasoned rider who traverses them all. This is a deceptively quick but addictive game for the lunch hour.

Mafia Wars


Can more than 7,757,215 players be wrong? This free role-playing game puts you into the shoes of the made man. Start out small and earn your chops. Build up a crime empire that spans the globe. Fight other players, rob their properties and put out contracts. This is a game the player will enjoy playing for months and years to come; take the time to cultivate the in-game personality carefully!

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