Free Online Sniper Games

Free online sniper games put players behind the scope of high-powered action to take out the enemy from yards away. The visceral feel of putting a bullet between the eyes is unmatched and these online games deliver the goods. Gamers are like kids in a candy store as they love to hide out in the trenches or hidden areas and erradicate their marks with a timely shot to the dome. A sniper rifle offers a great opportunity to make a long distance call of death against unsuspecting prey. These sniper games are available for free online to offer endless moments of cold-blooded joy.

  1. "Head Shot" A band of contract killer called Snipes will push gamers' skills to the limit in this free sniper game where good shots equal good pay days. The computer monitor dishes out the orders of the mission to take out selected marks in each level. The clock is ticking and there are only so many shots to take out the targets to advance to the next mission, so load up and stay focused. 
  2. "Perfect Shot" Another free online sniper game explores the exciting and seedy world of contract killers who eliminate marks in each mission without getting caught. Gamers pick up their rifle and ammo then travel to exotic locales to hunt their prey like a true predator who is on top of his game. The life of an assassin may be thankless, but the pay sure makes up for it!
  3. "Shorty Covers" Life for contract assassin Vinnie is tough, but this guy has backup in the shape of a super sexy babe named Shorty in this free online sniper game. The hot girl appears to have no problems taking aim behind the scope of a rifle to waste marks and help the assassin make his rounds. Remember, a dead Vinnie means no cash for Shorty's hot fashions.
  4. "The Sniper" The free online sniper game takes place during the ravaged countryside of France in World War II to assist allies against the Nazis. Gamers take the role of a British soldier who must scour the map in order to find the enemy and send them packing to hell. Victory isn't just anything; it is everything for this brave batallion behind enemy lines.
  5. "Sniper: Year One" A shadow organization are looking for a few good snipers and there seems to be a line forming around the block for this free online game. Follow the mission instructions like a good contract killer and the kills will come fast and sweet to earn that lucrative payroll. The only thing going through the victims minds will be a well-placed bullet!



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