Free Racing Games For Kids

There are a lot of free racing games for kids on the Internet; however, not all of them are very good. Some of them, on the other hand, are really well made and for free on top of that. The sport of racing is one of the most popular sports on the planet. A lot of little kids grow up wanting to be racecar drivers when they’re small, and the best way for them to practice the sport they lov, without them getting behind a steering wheel is to play racing games. Sadly, most games for the major consoles are fairly expensive. So, what is a mom with a little race-fan too do? This list will help those moms find plenty of free racing games for kids, to keep them occupied.

  1. "Burnin’ Rubber 4 – Game of the Year Edition":  This is one of the best racing games on the Internet. It’s got a nice variety of cars to use, and of course the price is unbeatable.
  2. "Dare Devil": If your child likes motocross or motorcycles, he will love this title. It’s fast paced, and the controls are simple enough for everyone to enjoy. As always it’s a free racing game for kids, so you can’t beat the price.
  3. "Skidoo TT": Are the little ones into snowmobiles? This game is suitable for any of the kids out there who have a need for speed in the snowy mountains of Colorado. This game has very simplistic controls, and the kids basically only have to avoid icy spots. Kids will love this free game on
  4. "Crazy Cars":  This game has a funny story. Apparently the character has lost his money on his way to an ice cream stand, and has to drive the wrong way down a one way street to collect the cash. The graphics for this one is really cute, especially as you grab up the cash. As far as free racing games aimed at kids, this one’s a great one. 
  5. "Slipstream Slider":  If your kids love extreme sports, they should be familiar with street luging, which is basically when someone straps a modified skateboard to their butt, and rolls themselves down a steep hill. Not a game you want your kids to do in real life, but its fun in this game. As always it is also a free kids racing game.
  6. "Horse Eventing":  Though boys and girls can equally do any of the above sports, this list has been a little boy-centered. Now for a great girls game. "Horse Eventing" is a game where the player gets their horse to do jumps, and prance for points. The best free kid’s horse game online.  
  7. "Indestructo Tank AE":  Now for a boy-centered game. A tank that can destroy just about anything in its path, this is an action-packed free kids racing game. They can’t exactly die, at least not that easily, and they get to blow up just about everything in your path.  
  8. "Banana Dash World":  There always has to be a truly bizarre game in every good game list, and this one fits that bill perfectly. The player is a little guy in a hoop that rolls around collecting strange power-ups. The perfect strange free racing kids game on the internet. It kills time like none other.
  9. "Shopping Cart Hero":  The player is a stick-figure who rides in a shopping cart down some steep hills, and crazy jumps. This one’s just fun for so many reasons, especially when the stick-figure goes flying out of the buggy. This is a fun and funny free racing game for kids.
  10. "Monster Racers":  The thrill of driving over top of other cars is a dream of almost every licensed driver in this country. Now your kid can take on that thrill virtual with this free racing game, made just for kids. Crushing cars is more fun than just racing them anyway. 
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