Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

Finding a free reverse phone lookup with name is perfect for people who want to catch up with an old friend or long lost relative. Although there are different methods to search people such as social-networking websites nowadays, the classic phone directory still currently in use despite our technology driven society. Here is a list of websites to search for people and phone number without paying a penny.

  1. People Smart- To find free reverse phone lookup with name, go to People Smart, an online phone directory to help you search for phone numbers matching a specific name. Click on the second tab, “Phone Reverse” on People Smart’s front page and type in the phone number, including area code. You will find a phone number match, including the person’s name and location of city or town. Aside from phone number lookup, People Smart has free reverse email, people search, address, and court information if you want to dig anyone’s background deeper.
  2. A1People Search- This website works in similar fashion as People Smart, so visitors can find free phone numbers with name. Enter the phone number you wish to view and less than ten seconds, a database of full names; including state of residence will appear in view. Carefully find the name to find the correct contact.
  3. Search numbers through Yahoo! or Google. Both search engines is very helpful to find free phone number lookup with a name. Place quotations marks at the beginning and end of the phone number (e.g. “555-555-5555”), and press Enter on your keyboard. A full name(s) should appear on your computer screen, including the person’s home address and city and state.



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