Free Ringtones For Straight Talk Phones

Selecting the best free ringtones for Straight Talk phones for the no contract cell phone option is too subject to an individual's personal taste. Finding the best sites for your Straight Talk phone is a relatively easy process. In no particular order, we have selected the top five. Just remember you will have to give up your cell phone number to some of them. Most people do not want to give their cell phone number out in this fashion.

  1. Free Straight Talk Ring Tones. If you are looking for hundreds of ring tones including popular themes to download straight to your phone, this site is one you can use. However, it does request a little more information than people are usually willing to give.
  2. Free Ring Tones Download. This is another site a person can use to get ring tones sent directly to their phone. Like the other site, it belongs to a marketing company that is trying to get cell phone numbers to cell them to marketing companies. At least, that's what this site seems to be doing. A person can side load ring tones onto his phone if he knows how.
  3. Ventones. This is a relatively simple site that does not collect a lot of personal information. You can get the ring tones directly from the web site and use a data cable to send them to your phone.
  4. Myxer. This site is another site that lets a person get ringtones to download onto their pc and transfer to the phone. You may wonder why there is not more information on this site, here, but that's because a router was down when this article was written and the site could not be reached.
  5. Funmo. Apparently Myxer allows a person to make their own ring tones. That's what this site does as well. Myxer is the most popular of such free ring tone services. Straight Talk phones and any other brand can use the user-made varieties.



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