Free Ringtones For Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

Finding free ringtones for your Verizon Wireless cell phone is very simple. There are a number of avenues you can travel to equip your Verizon Wireless phone with free jingles. It's all about understanding how to manipulate the features on your Verizon phone. Even the less advanced phones can be equipped with ringtone—more importantly, free ringtones. Here's how to get your Verizon phone up and running with a few free ringtones.

  1. Understanding your phone. Before you do anything else, make sure you know what features your phone has. Most phones have a voice recorder. For those of you that don't mind using round-about ways of doing things, your Verizon Phone's voice recorder can be used to make ringtones, if all else fails. See what kind of connection the phone uses. If your phone has a USB connection, most likely it's a more advanced model Verizon phone. More importantly, that USB port opens up another door for getting free ringtones.
  2. The internet. For those of you that know how to cruise the internet, jump on a search engine and type in "free ringtones." You'll get a truck load of hits, but you may have to sign up for something. You may have to wade through a few crappy sites, but eventually you'll find a few sites that give you free ringtones. You'll probably have to text some code to a random number and they'll forward you the ringtones of your choice.
  3. USB connection. Guys with advanced phones are in luck. You can make your own ringtones, which means, they'll be free. Just connect your phone via the USB cord to your lap top or PC and drop songs into your phone. Now access the songs and plug them in as ringtones. Some phones even allow you to pick the part of the song to use.
  4. Voice Recorders. Remember how you would push record on those old-school tape decks and copy your favorite music to tapes? This is pretty much the same principle. Access your voice recorder option on your phone. Play the song you want via CD or MP3 player through the speakers of your stereo system. Simply record the song. Access the recording and link it to your ringtones. Just one warning. The quality of these recordings can be brutal.
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