Free Running Gear Essentials

The best free running gear essentials are those essentials that will help you in your free running. Free running is a kind of urban acrobatics that involves participants employing the landscape of the city to perform movements all across its structures. These free runners use tactics like acrobatics to propel their bodies over these city structures. Essential gear for free runners is your basic, running gear.

  1. Saucony Men's SpeedLite Short Sleeve Running Top. The Saucony Men's SpeedLite Short Sleeve Running Top is great for free runners of all stripes because it gives you a functional, basic shirt to wear that will not hamper your athletic ability as you vault your way through the city landscape. With improved airflow and chafe resistance, this short sleeve running top is a great asset to anyone's free running gear.
  2. Saucony Men's Performance Running Short. The Saucony Men's Performance Running Short is made to help all free runners clear their obstacles quicker and with more efficiency as they take on the city landscape. At number two because this running short empowers free runners to be as agile and unobstructed as they need to be in their acrobatic propulsion of their bodies, the Saucony Men's Performance Running Short is made of ultrasilk, a fabric so soft that it feels fine against your skin.
  3. New Balance Men's MR993 Running Shoe. If you are going to be free running across the city, you will need a sturdy, comfortable and ever-reliable pair of awesome running shoes to support you in your athletic quest. The New Balance Men's MR993 Running Shoe fits the bill completely, and it features springy and absorbent cushioning, which is why it makes the list of the best free running gear essentials.
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