Free Time Management Games

Free time management games seem like a contradiction in terms because many people waste their time on games. Oddly enough, games can help a person learn to better manage their time. A person just has to be careful to master the same things in real life. For example, an educational game only works if the player applies what they learn in real life. The Flash time management games listed here will not have the same strategy as “Roller Coaster Tycoon” or “The Sims,” but they may surprise people.

  1. Vacation Mogul. We're not sure if this is a free Flash time management game or a free timeshare management game, but you will probably not worry about the distinction. In this game, a person takes on the role of a hotel manager who needs to schedule guests and make a profit.
  2. Farmville. No Facebook game can teach you more about poor time management strategies than Farmville, unless it is one of its spin-off games. Users have to manage resources and handle things like planting crops at a specific time of the year. Consider it the modern version of Rune Factory.
  3. Pandemic. Who says all time management games are about money or playing nice? In this time management game, you create a super bug that will probably wipe out every country in the world except Madagascar. If after playing you play this game you decide it's a really good idea to open a few airports in Madagascar, you might find you have a large number of financial backers.
  4. Rookie Nurse. This game features a time management element more than any of the other games listed. As the newest nurse on the maternity wing, you have to handle the schedules of demanding infants until the hospital releases them to their mother. Good luck!
  5. Fast Food Rush. Customers in restaurants are demanding. Lack of food and time make them even crankier. In this game, you are a restaurateur who needs to make sure he can get the plates to the table. The graphics for this game, like all the games on this list except Pandemic, are a bit on the cartoonish side.
  6. Journalizm. The creators of this game probably did slightly better in English than you did, despite the selling. If you want to juggle your time by owning a publishing house, this is the game for you. Learn about things like putting the newspaper to bed, getting reluctant reporters to make deadlines and getting all the advertisers and subscribers you need to keep a newspaper going.
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