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There are a lot of free typing tests available online today. In order to better understand what these tests are about, you must first understand what typing is: the process of inputting text into a computer by pressing the keys on the keyboard.  This is different from inputting information through clicking a computer mouse or utilizing a speech recognition program.  In order to see how fast you can type, you will need to take a typing test.  Some of the best typing tests available online today include:

  1. offers a free online typing test, as well as free online typing games that allow you to have fun while improving your typing speed.  There is also software that you can download for free to help you improve your typing speed and some tutorials that will allow you to learn how to touch type.
  2. not only contains free typing tests, but also contains lessons and games as well.  You never have to download anything or even register for an account whenever you use this website, which can be a lot of fun thanks to the real-time scoreboard.  As such, these typing tests actually allow you to compete with other people that you know and even those who you may not know since this is available worldwide.  There are also 30 keyboarding lessons available to help you learn how to type better.
  3. is a free typing test that will calculate how fast you type (WPM: words per minute).  Your results are then compared to the results of other people from around the world.  This can actually add a fun bit of competition to these typing tests.
  4. doesn’t just offer you free typing games, but there are also lessons and typing tests available as well.  These are all available online so that you never have to download anything.  You also never have to register in order to use this website.  Like a lot of the other websites, there is also a real-time scoreboard so that you can compete with people from around the world.
  5. is a free, online typing tutor.  Here you will find a lot of free online typing lessons and games, as well as a typing test.  These lessons are set to music in order to help you establish a rhythm and thus be able to type even faster.  One neat thing that this website offers that the others don’t is a section on computer keyboard history.
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