Freestyle Motocross History

One of the more interesting sport histories has to be freestyle motocross history. From dirt races to tricks in big air the sport has had many changes over its long history. Here is everything you ever needed to know about Freestyle Motocross history.

Freestyle motocross history starts back in 1924 with the Scrambles off-road race in Surrey, England. At start of freestyle motocross history it was just a simple dirt race track, but to liven things up they made the tracks shorter and added more curves. They also started adding in some jumps to make winning a place in freestyle motocross history more difficult.

The most groundbreaking thing to happen in freestyle motocross history is the change from the four-stroke 500cc bikes used in the older times of freestyle motocross history to the new 250cc and 125cc engines. This let the bikes be made lighter and allowed people to start making really awesome jumps. When riders were far behind and had no chance of winning they started to do tricks on these big air jumps. These tricks really caught on and freestyle motocross history was made on TV when the sport was held as an event at the 1999 X games.

There are some really amazing moments in freestyle motocross history you should count yourself lucky for if you witnessed. Mike Metzger and Travis Pastrana were the first to make freestyle motocross history on television with backflips, a stunt used to be thought impossible to do. Four years later Pastrana landed the first double backflip in freestyle motocross history as well. Las Vegas has an important part of freestyle motocross history also. Robbie Maddison set a long jump record of 322 feet at a red-bull sponsored event  on New Year's Eve in 2007.

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