Freestyle Swim Techniques

Learning freestyle swim techniques start with the basic strokes. These strokes are also called the front crawl or the sidestroke which forms the basics in swimming techniques. By far, this is the simplest, fastest, and the most competitive technique that uses a small amount of energy. With these freestyle swimming techniques you need to focus on proper positioning for a better freestyle swim.

  1. Head Alignment or proper head positioning technique. This is part of freestyle technique that entails proper positioning of the head. This is very substantial in the overall positioning of the body in freestyle swimming. Your eyes should be looking down while you are under the water. This is for ease of the water passing over and to cut down resistance. The tendency of your head in an upward position or when you are looking forward, your body may sink and it is more difficult to glide better in the water. It has been known for a long time that body movements are altogether related to where the head is facing and to where the direction of the eyes is looking.
  2. Proper stroke of the arms. Another freestyle technique in swimming is the proper stroke of your arms. You will have to extend your arms as completely as you can to reach out the furthest possible stroke. By bending your elbow while pushing backwards, you are pushing the water behind as well. This is done as fast as possible. As your body rolls in swimming, it becomes smoother when you are able to grab more water to push back to the direction of your hips.
  3. Proper hand positioning. In freestyle swimming, the very first thing that enters the water is your hands. There are several swimmers or distance swimmers who want their thumbs go in the water first before allowing a broader sweep. The position of your hands in freestyle swimming greatly depends on your sprinting and swimming distance. In sprinting, you must have your palms flat with your fingers a little apart while your hands are held down to allow the tips of your fingers to hit the water simultaneously. Proper hand positioning plays an essential role in moving your body in the water.
  4. Proper leg positioning. This is a freestyle technique that is neglected at first. To achieve improved swimming in freestyle, your feet must hardly break the top of the water. Small yet fast kicks are the best in freestyle swimming. This also keeps your legs from going down the water. Legs do not give a lot of power in freestyle; however this must not be taken for granted. Maintain kicking your legs while your body is in a horizontal position.
  5. The freestyle breathing. Bear in mind that while swimming, you need to maintain your head down where the direction of your eyes is at the base of the pool. Turn your head either sides when it is time to breathe. A rhythm should be developed by all swimmers and they should have their body adjusted to it. You may choose a side where you want to breathe or you can alternate both sides. A good rhythm to develop for breathing is at the end of each third stroke or more. This is a freestyle technique that will help you last longer in the water. It is equally necessary and essential to learn to breathe at the appropriate time.
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