Freestyle Swimming Drills

Freestyle swimming drills will help a swimmer become faster and improve their techniques. Many swimming freestyle drills are sprinkled into any good swimming workout. Below are a few drills that will give your swim workouts the spark you need to enhance your freestyle game .

  1. Do drills to build arm strength. Thumb to thigh drills are a perfect arm builder no matter what level of swimming you are at. Standing on a flat surface, with feet apart. Allow your arms to go to your side. Remember where your thumbs are landing on your leg. During freestyle swimming place your thumb in this spot during the underwater pull-through allowing your arm to expand in the rear of your body. Practice pulling all the way through extending the arm behind you.  Make sure you concentration on getting the correct form first so you do not get bad habits. This drill will build rock hard triceps.
  2. Do drills to build proper body alignment. The fist drill will keep your body in proper body alignment to swim correctly in freestyle  You will need to use your arms, not your shoulders, it the drill will keep your elbows higher. Start by swimming freestyle but close your palms to a fist. Be conscious of drawing the arms all the way through to the thighs.
  3. Do drills that focus on arm isolation. Get better at arm isolation with this simple drill. Pick one arm to be the fixed arm and keep this arm straight ahead. Use the other hand to swim freestyle.  After finishing a stroke use the fixed arm to stroke. After finishing a set, complete another changing the fixed arm.
  4. Do drills that strengthen neck and shoulders. Easy drills like the Tarzan drill will help you keep your head above water.  It starts with a freestyle swim, leaving your head over the water. Look forward as if you were finding a object like a boat in an open body of water. Keep your head out of the water for the entire pool length.
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