Freestyle Wrestling Throws

The major difference between these freestyle wrestling throws and Greco-Roman wrestling is that freestyle allows you to grab your opponent below the waist. It also allows the use of legs to a much greater degree than Greco-Roman, whether in an attack, or a defensive maneuver. However, in both styles the main goal, the part that scores you points, is being able to pin your opponent back on the mat with your upper body. That’s where these freestyle wrestling throws come in. As always, remember to practice with your instructor before unleashing the fury that is you with these freestyle wrestling throws.

  1. Double leg takedown. This one of the freestyle wrestling throws is all about sweeping your opponent off their feet, and not with flowers and poetry. You want your opponent to blink, and while flowers and poetry might do the trick indeed, you stand a better chance of doing this by throwing a quick fake them out punch at their face. As soon as they blink, put your knee on the ground in the middle of the opponent’s legs. Get low so that both knees are bent, while your back is still straight. Grab the opponent’s legs and push up off the mat with your legs. Sweep their legs to the side, and bum rush your shoulder into their chest.
  2. Fireman’s carry. Make sure you maintain superior elbow control over the opponent with this one of the freestyle wrestling throws. You can achieve this by doing an over hook with the opponent’s elbow. Drop down and go double knee on them. Pull them over and down across your shoulders with the elbow control. The swivel move across your shoulders should be in one fluid motion. You’re trying to build some momentum for the final slam onto the mat. You are moving in a forward motion when you do this so the momentum will land your opponent on their back on the mat. Pin with the chest to chest.
  3. Flying armbar. This one of the freestyle wrestling throws begins with inside control. Your leg should be brought up to the opponent’s waist. You want to get a grip on their neck first. Then, in one astounding flourish, you jump up and fling your other leg over their neck. This is a sad moment for your opponent. When they feel your leg hit their neck, they know they’re about to be owned. At this point, you release their neck, and grab their arm while you fall. Finish the throw with your legs.
  4. Knee pick. Start this one of the freestyle wrestling throws with a tidy opponent headlock. You want to use the hand that’s holding their head to grab their opposite elbow, too. All at the same time. Yes, you will have your hands full. Stick your head into their armpit, step in and grab the knee. You have just picked your opponent like low hanging fruit. Take them down from this stance.
  5. Suplex. This one of the freestyle wrestling throws is a chance to score huge points. You start this off with a nice, snug body lock. The Butterfly lock is a preferable way to begin this throw. Your arms will be wrapped around their midsection. Bend your knees so you can angle your way up under your opponent. Get low under them so when you pop your hips into them, it really does something. This is where your real thrust power is going to come from. Keep your hips lower than your opponent’s by squatting down under them. Arch your back and throw them over your head. Your body lock should be raised  over your own head. Keep your weight supported by your toes, as tricky as that sounds. It’s not a potential five point score for nothing. You want your opponent’s shoulders to hit the mat first. Keep it flowing, because any hesitation during the throw may cause injury.
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