French Love Quotes

Enjoy love with a healthy dose of cynicism and these French love quotes. For centuries the French have enjoyed a reputation as being masters of love, and after combing through volumes of French love poems to put together this list of French love quotes, we have to admit it is a reputation that is well deserved. However, French love quotes don’t just focus on the wonder and magic of love; they also carry with them a good dose of cynicism that makes them as funny as they are sentimental.  

  1. “That’s love; giving everything, sacrificing all without hope of return” (Albert Camus) – Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of unrequited love or the heartache of a break up can identify with this French love quote. Few things are worse than giving your heart to someone who refuses it.
  2. “It was beginning with you that I said yes to the world” (Paul Eluard) – On its face this French love quote may seem a bit confusing. But when you think about how bleak the world sometimes seems in the absence of love, it makes a bit more sense.
  3. “Love makes us crazy, marriage cuckolds and patriotism cruel imbeciles” (Paul Leautaud) – Leave it to the French to come up with something that cuts love, marriage and politics to the quick. This French love quote may seem cynical but it carries a ring of truth.
  4. “The more you love a mistress, the closer you are to hating her” (Unknown) – In the game of love it’s always the ones you love the most who are the best at pissing you off. This French love quote is for everyone who has thought about strangling the person they love the most.
  5. Love is finding pleasure in seeing, touching, feeling through all the senses , being as close as possible to a loveable object that loves us.” (Stendhal) – This French love quote embodies all of the things that makes being in love such a wonderful experience.
  6. “The heart has no reasons which reason knows not” (Blaise Pascal) – This French love quote sounds much nicer than simply saying, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” It also points out the obvious, that no matter how hard we try there will always be a disconnect between love and reason.
  7. “Being in love is not looking at one another but looking together in the same direction.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) – If you’re a hopeless romantic, you will probably look at this French love quote and think it’s good advice for a couple just starting out. If you’re a heartless cynic, you will look at this French love quote and think that it’s good advice when you’re old and not much to look at anyway.
  8. “Love is poetry for the senses” (Honore de Balzac) – When you’re in love all of your senses are on fire. The world is infused with a new wonder and magic. This French love quote encapulates what it feels like to be love.
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