Frequently Asked Interview Questions Every Man Should Be Prepared To Answer


Prepare for your future interviews so you do not look like a clueless mess with these frequently asked interview questions. Interviews are quite the stressful event, so coming up with your own answers to frequently asked questions beforehand can help you not look like an idiot. Since "I want this job for the money" is never a good thing to say to a potention employer, think hard on these questions; your preparation may just get you hired.

  1. "Describe your strengths and weaknesses." An absolute killer in most interviews, this question wants to know why you are both good and awful. For this question, it is best to mold your strengths to deal with ways that will benefit the current job offering. For the weakness, try to make it seem like it is also a positive. Do not say that you fall asleep at work or anything dumb that will raise eyebrows. A good example for a weakness would be that you rarely stop until you solve a task. Make yourself look good.
  2. "Why did you apply for this job?" Again, do not say "for the money." They know that is why you are applying, but still, do not say it. A great tip for this question is to research the company's history and find out why they are in business. Sometimes they have a business statement. Let them believe you have a passion for their business. Basically, rewording what the company strives for in a more personal way can really help on this interview question.
  3. "Do you like working with people?" Always say yes to this. Always. Saying no makes you look like some kind of anti-social hermit. Businesses thrive through personal interaction. Seeing as how many jobs out there deal directly with costumers, saying you do not like working with people is a great way to never get a job.
  4. "Why are you qualified for this job?" This question can often require giant leaps in logic in an attempt to relate your experience to the job. This answer is different for everyone, but it is often good to go over every task involved in the job and brainstorming different ways your experience has helped. Like always, make yourself look as good as you can.
  5. "Why should we hire you?" This one is a staple in frequently asked interview questions. A great thing to say is that you are dependable. They can always count on you to come to work on time every day and do the best work you can. A person they can depend on is a person they want to hire.
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