Freshwater Fishing Equipment

If you enjoy freshwater fising, you may want to learn about what type of freshwater fishing equipment you need. Having the right freshwater fishing equipment can sometimes make all the difference in the world on how your day goes and how many fish you catch. Here are a few examples of what type of freshwater fishing equipment you need.

  1. Poles or Rods Poles are standard freshwater fishing equipment and come in many sizes. An ideal size will depend on whether you want to fish at a close range or will want a longer pole for longer distances. Most poles will be as long as 60 feet, but you may only need ten to twenty feet of fishing pole, depending on your area and situation. Rods are more commercial fare and come in such materials as fiberglass. These have many different types ranging from spinning, baitcasting, surf casting and fly rods. They are usually lighter than a pole and can be easier to manuever.
  2. Reels There are only two kinds of reels unless you plan to go fly fishing. The two types of reels as part of your freshwater fishing equipment are multiplier reels and fixed spool reels. However, these come in different forms such as the spinning reel being a fixed spool reel. Don't let the different names fool you; just ask if it is spinning or fixed spool.
  3. Tackle Tackle is simply what you are using to catch your fish or lure them to your line. This encompasses hooks, weights, floats and lures. When it comes to tackle you can obviously use fresh tackle as well such as bait fish or crickets. The type of tackle you choose as part of your freshwater fishing equipment will depend on your own preference and style.
  4. Fishing line This is very important to have as part of your freshwater fishing equipment because it's what you reel the fish in with and having fishing line that is too weak can cause you to lose a very important catch. Choose between braided and monofilament. Monofiliment is for anglers typically and braided is a softer line but it is very strong as well. Most of the time it is used for deed sea fishing as with saltwater fishing.

Now that you know all about freshwater fishing equipment you can get out there and enjoy yourself. You'll find that each type of equipment is different for each individual so you may like one type of item and a friend chooses a different one. No matter what, enjoy yourself and catch that big fish!

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