Freshwater Striper Fishing Techniques

Freshwater striper fishing techniques will give you the edge when you’re pursuing your favorite toothy critter. Stripers grow to lengths and weights that normal fish can’t achieve. Not only are stripers big and heavy, but they’re fun to catch and fight like no other. Stripers are also a great game fish to pursue if you’re interested in becoming a professional fisherman. Many local and nation-wide tournaments feature striper fishing as they main type of game fish pursued in their tournaments.

  1. Use the right equipment. The first technique for catching stripers is using the right equipment. If you think you can get the job done by using standard equipment that’s suitable for catching largemouth bass, than you’re gravely mistaken. Stripers fight like no other freshwater fish and require a specific type of equipment to successfully wrangle them in. Use a standard heavy-duty graphite rod spooled with heavy-duty monofilament and a bait casting reel. Also, consider using a standard wire-leader to prevent break-offs.
  2. Sharpen your hooks. One method that works for all types of predatory fish is sharpening your hooks. Most anglers assume that factory-bought hooks (the hooks that come on a lure when it’s bought new) are sharp enough to stick a fish. But this assumption leads to many anglers losing fish that they could have caught with sharper hooks. Make sure to check the sharpness of your hooks on a regular basis and touch them up when necessary.
  3. Expand your tackle box. One option to catch more stripers is expanding your tackle box. Many anglers get in the rut of using the same types of lures over and over again. Some types of baits that work well for stripers include crank baits, jigs, and top waters. But if these are the only types of lures that you carry with you for stripers, than you’ll quickly condition the population of fish that you’re targeting. Instead of using the same old stuff, consider trying other lures that are gaining popularity for stripers; such as swim baits, jerk baits, twitch baits, etc. By using these different types of baits, you’ll have more options when stripers are trickier to catch.
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