Friends With Benefits: 10 Relationship Rules

Use these friends with benefits; 10 relationship rules to not screw up a good thing.  Finding a friend with benefits relationship that works is not something you come across every day.  It takes the right pair to make it work and if you find the right woman for this type of relationship you want to keep her.  Following these 10 relationship rules is imperative to maintaining the friends with benefits relationship. 

  1. Don't hang out with her.  Remember that you are "friends with benefits."  Take the "friend" part of that phrase lightly.  Just because your friends doesn't mean you have to go out to dinner, even if she's paying for herself. 
  2. Keep friends out of it.  Your friends don't need to know the chick you are banging.  You don't need to meet her friends either.  Friends and friends with benefits do not mix. 
  3. Limit your time to less than two hours.  There's no reason to take longer than two hours to git 'er done.  If you increase the amount of time you spend with your friend with benefits it is likely to eventually turn into lovey-dovey talk and feelings, which is what you are trying to avoid.
  4. Talk on the phone one to two times a week.  Since you are friends it is OK to chit chat a couple times a week.  You don't need to call her more than that.  The more you talk, the more details you will share, the better friends you will become.  Yeah, she's a friend, but not a best friend.  Don't get it twisted.
  5. No email allowed.  Whether one of you is in a committed relationship or not, it's best not to put anything in writing.  You don't need your dirty little, flirty messages coming back to bite you later.  If you text, keep the vague such as "Meet me at 10pm."  There is no need to write "I want you to blow me tonight and make sure to wear your vibrating tongue ring."  That will only get you in trouble somehow later. 
  6. Wear protection at all times.  The last thing you want is a baby with a chick like this.  Not to say she's not a good person or wouldn't make a good mother, but there's a reason she is a friend with benefits and not your girlfriend or wife.  Don't trust that she is taking birth control or doesn't have STDs.  Take control and wear a condom.
  7. Don't do pillow talk.  If you want to remain friends with benefits, and nothing more, don't reveal your dreams and ambitions after you get laid.  You don't want to turn your head and see her starry eyes staring lovingly at you.  Keep it simple; do the job, smoke a smoke or drink a drink and go.
  8. Late night visits are best.  Keep the relationship rules clear.  Unless it's an afternoon hook-up at lunchtime or at the sleazy motel on the corner, late night is the best time to see her.  If you are coming over late at night there is no confusion about your purpose.
  9. No sleep overs.  You might be tired, but get your butt up and get out when business is finished.  Sleep overs are meaningful to many women (and some men).  Besides, another point of friends with benefits is to avoid the unpleasantness of a relationship such as morning breath, seeing her without makeup, and morning crabbiness.
  10. Run at the first talk of becoming more than friends with benefits.  This is perhaps the most important of the 10 relationship rules.  It is human nature to develop feelings for a person you are having sex with, especially for women.  Most friends with benefits relationships are ruined because one person develops feeling and the other one doesn't.  If you are the one that doesn't and she does, run.  If you don't run away you are asking for major drama.

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