Frozen Shoulder Exercises

If you can't even raise your arm to waive at your kids when they are leaving for school–you need some frozen shoulder exercises, dude! Stop being a tough guy and read this article on how to help that condition out. Go see a doctor, too. Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes stiffness, intense pain and in some cases, the inability to perform simple motions (like waving, duh!). No one is exactly sure why frozen shoulder syndrome occurs, but it is a fact that it is the only joint in the body that it happens in. Frozen shoulder can be a huge detriment, so seriously, make an appointment with a doctor! If you already have, then try these five great frozen shoulder exercises to work it out and thaw that freeze!

  1. The Posterior Shoulder Stretch is a good place to start. Lie on your back and cross the bad arm with the bad shoulder across your torso. If the pain isn't too bad, you can use your other arm to gently pull it closer to your body to loosen and stretch it to a greater degree. This frozen shoulder exercise can also be performed from a standing position but many people find it easier when they are on their backs. 
  2. Now work the anterior portion of the shoulder. This one needs to be done from a standing position. Clasp your hands behind your back and gently pull them away from your body. It is important that you do this slowly until you know your limits or you could injure the shoulder or tear a pectoral. When you find your comfort limit hold it for ten seconds and execute it about three times.
  3. Baby steps are necessary! Sitting in a chair, let your arms dangle at your sides and make small, slow circular motions. Start out going clockwise five times and then reverse it for five additional rotations. Depending on your pain and the range of motion factor, you can slowly widen the circles as you do this frozen shoulder exercise. Start out with small tight circles and move into larger ones as you raise your arms to a parallel-to-the-floor position.
  4. Add a little weight now. You can do this at the gym or at the house if you have some light dumbbells. Even a can of soup can work at the beginning. Don't be embarrassed to go to the gym and use light weight. This is taking care of yourself and frozen shoulder exercises are going to be needed to get you back to your normal routines. Repeat the same steps in exercise number 3 but add the weight this time. Truly, do not use more weight than your frozen shoulder can handle right now! Start off with 2.5 pound dumbbells-yes, the pink or blue ones-and work up from there!
  5. Sticks and stones can FIX your bones! Stand straight with a stick in each hand. Heck, it doesn't have to be a stick. Try a pencil or a boot for all that it matters!  The important thing is that it is light but offers minor resistance making gripping it in a fist necessary. With palms up, raise arms out in front of you and hold it for a second. Do this five times and then switch to a palms down position and repeat. This exercise will strengthen and loosen the rotator cuff. If necessary, do one arm at a time and use the other to assist in the raise!
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