Full Paintball Masks

One of the first items you'll want to purchase before you start a paint gun war is a full paintball face mask. The mask will protect your face in more ways then one.  Most of the full masks you'll find have an exoskeleton frame which creates a structure that is flexible and comfortable. Most of the masks have extra cranial and soft ear protection, which is an important part of safety when playing paintball. 

Here are some top choices to get you started:

  1. JT Flex-8 Head Guard With full protection to the face, ears and mouth, this mask is not only safe, but its very comfortable with its foam liner to cushion a fall or a hit. It's definitely a great buy. A good place to look for this mask would be Amazon.com.
  2. PMI Extreme Rage X RAY Protector This full mask offers a 260 degree and a single vision pane lens with a high natural flow vent for extra comfort. You would most likely be able to locate this mask on BizRate.com.
  3. VForce Armor Paintball Mask This full mask is on the lower end of the price scale if you are on a tight budget. This mask still offers the same type of protections as the others. Its ThermoCured, AnitScratch and AntiFog lens helps players endure intense paintball action. You can find the VForce Armor Paintball Mask at most online stores. A great place to find this mask would also be at BizRate.com.


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