Full Tilt Poker Cheats

Anyone who enjoys playing poker online would benefit from learning Full Tilt poker cheats. Full Tilt is an online poker community that allows players to gather information on the game, free play game, cash games, as well as a variety of tournaments. There are a few cheats that can help make every players experience more enjoyable.

  1. Favorites – Full Tilt has the ability to let players save their favorite games, set up the exact way they want to play, so they can return back to it easily. For players to save their game, they will first click "browse" and then make one selection from each of the four columns that pop up. The first column allows players to choose a game type. The second column allows players to pick the discipline of poker. In the third column, players can pick what their fixed limit will be. The fourth and final column lets players pick their preferred stakes. After players have picked one selection from each of the columns, they will click "add as favorite" to save the game exactly as it has been set up.
  2. Notes – Full Tilt lets players take notes on the other players they are up against. This will allow players to remember certain playing styles the next time they come up against these players. For the note taking ability, right click on the players name and click "players notes". A box will  then pop up and a player can type in the notes they wish to remember for the next time they play this particular person. There is also a feature to color code different players so that when up against them, a certain color flag will appear next to their name to help you even more.
  3. Slider Bets – There is a great feature on Full Tilt that allows players to to have a short cut to making bets. A box will pop up in the lower right hand corner when it is the players turn to make a bet, or the slider bar can be used. For players to use the slider, click the bar and slide it to the right for a larger bet, and to the left for a smaller bet. For an even easier betting system, a player can click the tabs at the top of the screen for bets. The tab "min" will make the smallest bet, "1/2 pot" will make a bet of half the pot where the "pot" tab will have the player making a bet the size of the pot.
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