Fun Apps For Ipod Touch

You’re more likely to download fun apps for iPod touch than the ones that might actually teach you something or be useful in some way. But hey, why else would you buy an iPod touch? If you wanted something useful, you’d have purchased a Droid, and you know it.

  1. Slacker Radio: Free radio is always fun. The free version does contain quite a few ads, but you can get as many skips as your heart desires with the paid version.
  2. Pandora Radio: If Slacker has too many ads for your taste, download Pandora. Although its interface doesn’t look as fun as Slacker’s you might be impressed with the decidedly less imposing quantity of ads.
  3. I Can Has Cheezburger: Laugh at kitty cats, your favorite celebrities doing stupid things and politicians making funny faces – all to the humor of user-uploaded commentary on each of the photos. It’s definitely one of the most fun apps for iPod touch you’ll ever download.
  4. Spill Da Milk: This totally useless, fun app for iPod touch features a carnival-style game where you throw balls at milk bottles to earn prizes. As stupid as it sounds, it’s surprisingly addicting – and free to boot.
  5. Crackle: Enjoy free movies? You’ll get a pretty wide selection of oldies and new releases with the Crackle app, which features free, full-length movies with just a few ads in between to compensate for making the app free.
  6. Tesla Toy: Make electric, white-hot wallpapers by smearing your fingers all over your screen on this fun app. The electric shocks will pattern themselves in a new direction every time and let you save your creation as a wallpaper.
  7. Whirly Word: If you’re a spelling buff (or need to brush up on your six-letter words) Whirly Word is your game. Create words from a jumble of letters and see how many you can create per puzzle.
  8. Dropbox: Get access to your files, even when you’re not on a WiFi connection. Save your documents, music and movies for later viewing with this utility, which stores up to 2GB of data.
  9. Textfree: Any free texting app will turn your iPod touch into a phone on WiFi. And since it’s free, you don’t have to worry about such fun apps for iPod touch charging you for service.
  10. Asphalt 5: Driving games are the bomb on an iPod touch. Use the six-axis function of your iPod to drive the car, give it boosts of Nos, drift on the road and bash in cop cars.
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