Fun Brain Games

For better mental agility, this list of fun brain games exercises your mind the same way working out in a gym strengthens and invigorates your body. It’s important to choose games that challenge you so the brain can sprout new neurons and connections and support your mind health. Your brain is not a static organ, but is constantly changing and adapting to its environment in a process called neuroplasticity. Play these games to help your mind along in the best way possible

  1. Play "Lost in Migration" to discipline your attention. This game was especially created for individuals who have a hard time concentrating and get distracted easily, training visual perception, concentration and pattern recognition. To play this game, go to
  2. Play "Wordsearch" to bolster your problem solving. This is a free, fun and popular word search game, though you can play it on paper as well. By circling all the words hidden in the puzzle, you train your visual perception, concentration and pattern recognition. Play it at
  3. Play "Memory Matrix" to better your sense of space. This fun game exercises your sense of spatial recall, or your sense of space and dimension as well as recalling the location of objects. To play this game of pattern recognition, go to
  4. Play "Escapa!" to improve concentration. It has been said that the US Air Force utilizes this mental game to improve the concentration of fighter pilots. The object is to move a red block around without getting hit by the blue blocks or bumping the black walls. To play this addicting but stimulating game, visit
  5. Play the ever-famous "Sudoku" to give you attention endurance. To test the logical centers of your brain as well as your patience, the goal of playing this game in to fill the empty cells of the 9×9 grid and sub grids so that each column, row and region has the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once. To play an online version, visit
  6. Play "Raindrops" to make you a whiz with numbers. Lots of equations are embeded in the falling raindrops; it's your goal to solve as many as you can before they fill up the lake. To play this game, go to
  7. Play "Private Eye" to boost your analytic skills. Practice your sleuthing abilities by going through increasingly harder levels of letters and symbols grids to discern which doesn’t belong. Play this game by visiting
  8. Play "Polygon Puzzle" to strengthen attention and spatial memory. Challenge yourself by remembering and redrawing increasingly convoluted shapes which will be shown to you for only a few seconds prior. Your superb memory and visual spatial-abilites will thank you. To play, visit
  9. Play "Uber Brain" to cross-train the areas your mind. Exercise all the five main areas of your brain by doing this well-rounded, problem-solving workout in just a few minutes. To play, log on to
  10. Play "Speed Match" to improve your reaction time. Think on your feet more efficiently and speed up your cognitive processes by responding as quickly and carefully as possible to the shapes you are shown. Test your sensory input by going to
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