Fun Facts About Chlamydia

There are an amazing number of fun facts about Chlamydia, especially considering that it is the most often reported STD in the U.S. In fact, the Center for Disease Control reported that in 2006, over one million Chlamydia infections were treated. Talk about a party full of fun! Want to know more fun facts about Chlamydia? Read on.

  • Silent. Chlamydia can develop in the body well ahead of any symptoms. So you might have Chlamydia right now and not even know it. In fact, it’s estimated that over four million Americans are walking around with Chlamydia right now and have no clue. Now is that fun or what?
  • Symptoms. When it comes to the symptoms you do see, the fun facts about Chlamydia get, well, more fun! This barrel of laughs includes pelvic inflammatory disease, potentially fatal tubal pregnancy in expectant women, infertility, cervical cancer, vaginal discharge, painful urination, sterility in men, penis discharge, inflamed rectum, and even Reiter’s Syndrome, a disease marked by such symptoms as arthritis, inflammation of the urethra, and lesions.
  • Women. A little known fun fact about Chlamydia is that women who contract the disease are five times more likely to also contract HIV. Also, it is incredibly easy for a pregnant woman who forgoes treatment to pass Chlamydia on to her child during a vaginal delivery. Women also tend to be the largest contingent of those infected, with women 15-24 comprising the largest infected demographic.
  • Unborn children. For an unborn or newly born baby, Chlamydia can cause premature birth, eye infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear infections. Fun!
  • Misdiagnosis. The symptoms of gonorrhea and Chlamydia are so similar that someone suffering from Chlamydia is often misdiagnosed as having gonorrhea. This complicates treatment and prolongs the infection until a correct diagnosis can be made. To further complicate matters, Chlamydia in women is too often diagnosed as urinary tract infection.
  • Sex. Perhaps the most fun fact about Chlamydia is that, unlike certain STDs, it can be transmitted via vaginal and anal intercourse as well as oral sex. That’s right, oral sex. It leaves very few options for the health-conscious person to avoid potentially contracting the disease.
  • Or no sex. The real kicker about Chlamydia is that you don’t even have to experience vaginal, rectal, or oral penetration to get it. It’s just that freaking easy! (And fun!) Contact is all you need, and don’t go thinking this is like that scrap of food you dropped on the floor and picked up right away to eat. The three second rule doesn’t apply to Chlamydia. A single second of contact is all you need to become one of the four million walking infected.
  • Cure. The biggest, most fun fact about Chlamydia is that despite how many people contract it and never get tested, it is incredibly easy to treat and cure. An antibiotic is all it takes. Makes the pain of hauling your butt to the clinic for testing in exchange for extra time being disease-free for testing seem well worth it now, doesn’t it?

Chlamydia is one of the least fun sexually transmitted diseases out there. Not that there are "fun" STDs, but you get the idea. The problem is its stealth nature, how it can mask itself as everything else, leaving it precious time to wreak havoc on a man or woman's reproductive system. If you suspect even a little bit that you might have Chlamydia, do yourself a favor and get checked out right away.


Chlamydia facts

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