Fun Iphone Apps For Couples

Fun iPhone apps for couples can include fun apps, sexy apps or even useful apps. You can use these apps to connect with your sweetie in fun and different ways.

  1. Contraction Timer App- This application is really good for couples expecting a little one who owns an iPhone. When the contractions start during a women's labor, you need to calculate how far apart they are in order to know when she is going into labor. This app is useful for new parents who want to make sure that the labor process is as easy as possible.
  2. Zenebe List- This app is great for a couple trying to link their grocery list together. It is so simple to use and the couple can do it right on their iPhone. When women make up a shopping list often times a man will miss an item when he is copying the list. The great thing about this app is that one person can upload the list and another person can sync it to their phone verbatim. This app can save a man many second trips back to the store.
  3. allows for couples to share their finances in an easy application that is just a click away on their iPhone.
  4. Scrabble- This game is fun for couples because you can play the game with each other on your own iPhone. This game is great for the in love geeky couples.
  5. Shutterfly- This iPhone app is a lot of fun because you can upload your photos into one account and share them. You can laugh all the funny times together.

Use these apps on your iPhone to make life easier (and happier ) for you as a couple.

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