Fun Jobs That Pay Well

There are lots of fun jobs that pay well! Of course, fun jobs that pay well require a certain-level of skills, or even experience, but they're not super hard to get. Fun jobs are, in the end, somewhat relative to the employee. That being said, one of these fun jobs will surely fit your tastes and expertise!

  1. Babysitting. Babysitters have fun jobs that pay well. There isn't much to do when babysitting, so most parents allow their sitters to watch TV, eat food, or play on the computer to pass the time by. On top of that (since you're in charge of their baby) the parents generally pay above minimum wage.
  2. Freelance writer. It should really be understood that freelance writing, while very fun, doesn't necessarily pay well in the beginning. Many freelancers struggle to make minimum wage at the beginning of their careers; eventually, however, most end up making a substantial amount of dough while doing what they love.
  3. Graphic designer. Utilizing one's creative potential to design landscapes, characters, and brand new worlds is more than fun: it's fulfilling. Graphic designer positions are just a few of the fun jobs that pay well out there, but designers definitely have one of the more creative ones (even if it does require a degree).
  4. Forex trading. Traders on the Foreign Exchange Market try to maximize their earnings by trading currencies so as to make a profit. While Forex trading requires no formal education and is very fun, many Internet scams have attempted to lure victims into Forex trading by promising a get-rich-quick scheme. Do not get into Forex trading until you are confident in your own personal abilities to trade and make money.
  5. Blogger. Blogging not only gives people an outlet to express their thoughts on issues, events, and random topics, but also a sizeable amount of cash. Bloggers always start out making next to nothing from advertisement revenue, eventually working their way up to make surprsingly great yearly salaries.
  6. Theme park character. Various theme parks are always looking for new characters to take pictures with people and earn commission. These fun jobs, when done right, can earn a large, stuffed character lots of cash.
  7. Translator. The moder, global world is constantly communicating more and more every day in different languages, often with one another. Translators and interpreters get to learn new languages, cultures, and expressions while also getting paid a fair amount (if they're good).
  8. Freelance photographers. Taking breath-taking pictures for a living is the dream career of many, and it often doesn't require much formal schooling. Good photographers get paid well for doing what they would do in their freetime anyway.
  9. Tutoring. Love a certain subject with a passion? Ever thought there were fun jobs out there for your speciality? If you love math you can make a fair amount of green just teaching other kids your skills; same goes for science, languages, computers, etc. It's a nice gig for college students with time to spare (and money needed)!
  10. Secretary. If you're an organization-freak who loves to get things done, a secretary position might just be right for you. Although not all secretary positions are fun jobs, they generally have relaxed work schedules and great benefits.

So whether you're a blogger or a Forex trader, there's fun jobs out there for you. Tutors get to teach others what they love, freelancers get to show off their greatest talents, and babysitters get lavish bonuses; it's obvious: land one of these well paying, fun jobs and you'll be set for a while.

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