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Online games often walk a fine line between garbage and greatness, so be sure you will playing something that is not extremely terrible with this list of fun online games. Seeing as how games these days are expensive and a lot of people dont want to shell out $60 for a six-hour single player game, many games have been adding an online multiplayer feature. Online games add a ton of replayability and are often a lot more fun than the single player.

  1. "Team Fortress 2." Possibly the best thing since sliced bread, "Team Fortress 2" is a cartoon-styled team based first-person online shooter for the PC. Featuring nine different classes and a ton of maps, this fun online game is very addicting. From pushing a cart to capturing a flag, the gameplay is always fantastic. "Team Fortress 2" also features a ridiculous amount of unlockable weapons and hats. Some people find this to be a fun game solely based on the dress-up aspect of  hats. Unlike many other online fun games, "Team Fortress 2" is actually free to play!
  2. "World of Warcraft." An absolute social-life killer for those with addictive personalities, "Warcraft" is an online multiplayer role-playing game (RPG). Like all RPGs, you start a character class and work your way up the levels through by conquering various quests and dungeons. The game is run on official servers, so there are always a ton of people playing. If you have fun playing a game where your character gains power gradually as it levels up, "World of Warcraft" will be great for you. An absolutely great timesink, "Warcraft" is an extremely fun online game, especially when playing with friends.
  3. "Diablo 2." While "Diablo 2" is older than dirt, the game is still an insanely fun online game. Much like "World of Warcraft," the game is based around beating up ugly guys for loot. "Diablo" does it in a much more fast-paced, 2D isometric view, with up to eight players. The action is fast, so fast that you might break your mouse by clicking furiously. Despite its age, "Diablo" is still great fun online with friends.
  4. "Quake Live." Another one of the free online games, "Quake Live" is basically a carbon copy of "Quake III Arena," which automatically makes it awesome. "Quake Live" is known for its stupidly fast gameplay and twitch-based aiming. No other first-person shooter has the sense of speed as "Quake Live." The game also features skill-based match making, so you will not get destroyed by veterans and actually have fun. Many other online fun games can cost quite a bit of money, but "Quake Live" is free unless you want to unlock subscription benefits, such as more maps.
  5. "Left 4 Dead 2." One of the best zombie killing online games out there, "L4D2" features four-on-four online multiplayer. Sure it sounds small, but it's addicting. The survivor team must get through the map without getting killed by the team of infected zombies. With an array of zombies and weapons, the game is just a complete blast online. Even though some of the players can be jerks to play with, especially if you are new, this game is extremely fun online.
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