Fun Party Games

While it is true that not all fun party games require alcohol, it should be remembered that alcohol can make fun party games much more interesting. Alcohol can also turn dull party games into fun games eventually. Some party games are widely known variations on older parlor games. Take a look at this list of fun party games and see which ones you would like to try at your next party.

  1. Blind Man's Bluff Blind Man's Bluff is one of those fun party games that started out as a parlor game in Victorian times. One male member of the group is blindfolded, spun around a few times and then unleashed on the guests. The goal is for the blindfolded person to grab what he suspects is the female of his choice. The way to really play is to cut a small hole in the blindfold and give your buddy a chance to play grab-ass with the hot chick that he has been eyeing up all evening. Just be sure to hide all of the expensive glass stuff before you play this game.
  2. The Alphabet Game The Alphabet Game can be done with or without alcohol. As with most things at a party, this fun party game is more interesting with alcohol. The group picks a theme and then has to go through the alphabet, naming items associated with that theme. For example, if you choose the theme of camping then someone starts with the letter "A" and picks an item. Then it moves on to the next person who has to add an item that starts with "B" and then she also has to say the "A" item and so on. If you are playing with alcohol, each time someone cannot get through the whole list they have to take a drink. If you are not using alcohol, try a different party.
  3. Celebrities This game was made famous in the movie "Inglorious Basterds." You will need paper, pens and tape to play this game. Each person writes down a famous person on a piece of paper, but does not show anyone the person's name. Each person then hands their piece of paper to the person to their left with the paper face down so the person cannot see it. Then each person tapes the piece of paper to their forehead. Then you choose a person to start and that person gets to ask questions to try and determine what celebrity is on the paper taped to their forehead. It is best to limit the questions to a specific amount such as ten or twenty. Each person that does not guess their celebrity in the allowed number of questions has to drink.
  4. Party Guests This fun party game gets a bit involved, but it can be fun if you get your friends to play along. One person is chosen to be a party host but he has no idea who his guests are. The people playing the guests spend time writing celebrities names on pieces of paper and then those pieces of paper are put into a box. The game is confined to one room and the host greets each guest as they walk into the room. Prior to entering the room, each person takes a piece of paper from the box and has to act like that celebrity until the host guesses who they are. The guests have to stay in character at all times until their identity is revealed.
  5. Make a Choice This game is pretty simple, but it can be a fun party game if you have enough people. Someone starts by asking one of the guests a question that begins with the phrase, "Would you rather…" The person answers it and then they get to pick someone to ask next. A sample question would be "Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?" Each answer must be accompanied with an explanation as to why that choice was made.
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