Fun Typing Games

If you are trying to improve your typing skills, you may want to try some fun typing games to break up the tedium of timed tests. Many typing games are rather formulaic, having you type a letter or word as it rises or drops down the screen. Some of these games are fun, but the best add another element to make it feel more like a game and less like homework.  Here are a few fun typing games that you will want to play again and again. 

  1. "Typing Chef" (on sense-lang,org). The first level of this game is a bit boring, but it speeds up fast. You progress through the levels of becoming a chef: from washing dishes, to chopping, and beyond. You need to type cooking-specific words or sets of words as they drop down or cross the screen. The whole, sensible, words make it more practical than some of the games, and the different levels, and little "certificates of completion" (which give you a code word to start where you left off) make this one fun typing game you'll come back to.
  2. "Keyman" (on A new twist on the classic "Pac-Man" game. In this fun typing game, "Keyman" is surrounded by four  letters. He goes up, down, left, and right by typing the corresponding letter. You are pursued by only one ghost, but that's more than enough, as timing can be tough. There are also power-ups that let you eat the ghost. The classic arcade style of this fun typing game makes it a winner.
  3. "Key Bricks" (on typing This fun typing game is more about the game than the typing, as there's no timer involved. You make sets of bricks disappear by color, by typing one of the letters in a group of blocks. Very simple, but a nice break when you need a slow down from the other games. A good, fun typing game for beginners.
  4. "Typing Terror" (on Neopets). You don't need a Neopets account to just play this fun typing game, so if you aren't ready to adopt a Neopet right now, don't worry. In this game you are being attacked by robots. You must blow them up by typing the names on their chests. The words increase in length as you go and some are upside down for an extra challenge. If you are hit three times, you're finished. But if you make it though all five levels, there's a "boss" to fight at the end. Good graphics and plenty of explosions make this a good pick!
  5. "Typing Maniac" (on Facebook). This fun typing game is the best of the bunch. Like many games you must type words as they fall. If too many word pages pile up, you're done. If you do poorly the game razzes you, by giving you a ranking on the evolutionary scale. (Starting with amoeba.) If that's not incentive enough to try and improve yourself, you also get words with special effects as you go. One lets you burn up a screen full of words, another lets you freeze them. This game has good graphics, a storyline, and top playability on the list. Even if you don't care about typing, it's just a fun game.

If you are trying to break away from your hen-peck typing ways, improve your speed, or just have fun, one of these fun typing games will do the trick. If won't take long for you too see an improvement in your typing skills.

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