Funniest Ashton Kutcher Punk d Pranks

Mr. Demi Moore is more than just an actor, producer, and avid Twitterer, he’s the brains behind the funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks of all time. When Kutcher created “Punk’d,” no one suspected that the celebrity hidden camera show would last eight seasons and some of the biggest names in TV, music, and movies would get fooled on film.

  1. Justin Timberlake Tax Evasion Punk. Topping the list of funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks is the classic Justin Timberlake tax evasion bit. In the series’ debut episode, Justin Timberlake was reduced to tears when he arrived home and was greeted by Agent Shepherd (as in Dax Shephard) from the U.S. Tax Enforcement Agency. He was told that he owed $900,000 in back taxes and the Feds were confiscating his property, which included his three houses, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and even his beloved dogs. But the boxes that lined his driveway did not, in fact, hold all of his most cherished possessions as he was led to believe. They were just part of one of Ashton Kutcher’s elaborate “Punk’d” schemes.
  2. Beyonce Knowles Ruins Christmas Punk. It was holiday season in 2003 and the always charitable singer Beyonce Knowles had volunteered her time to help light a Christmas tree and hand out gifts to underprivileged kids. Following a few awkward photo-ops with Santa and a “Silent Night”sing-a-long, Beyonce climbed into a crane and was lifted to the top of an enormous Christmas tree. But as she reached up to place the star on top, the tree crashed to the ground, destroying the gifts meant for the needy children who screamed at the pop star, "You ruined Christmas!" As a mortified Beyonce apologized to the children as Ashton rounded the corner to tell her she a was victim in one of the funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks.
  3. Zach Braff’s Spray Painted Porsche Punk. Things allegedly got a little out of hand on the next entry on the list ofthe funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks. When Zach Braff “caught a kid” spray painting his Porsche, the “Scrubs” star supposedly went nuts. What aired was the actor/director yelling at the tween who had asked him to buy alcohol and was seeking revenge. Braff reportedly said that footage of him actually hitting the young “Punk’d” prankster didn’t make the final cut.
  4. Hillary Duff’s Driver’s Test Punk. There’s nothing more amusing than watching a stressed out teen take their driving test. That’s especially true when the teen is Hillary Duff and the test is part of one of the funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks. In the second season of the show, then cast member BJ Novak (now best known for his role on “The Office”) tortured Duff on a motoring exam through Los Angeles that culminated when Novak blamed Duff for the DMV car getting stolen.
  5. Katie Holmes Infidelity Punk. In Season 2, Katie Holmes found herself in the middle of a lovers quarrel and one of the funniest Ashton Kutcher “Punk’d” pranks. Holmes got sucked into an argument by film director McG and his fake finance over claims of infidelity but things got hilariously uncomfortable when Katie was accused of knowing about the affair herself.

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