Funny Adult Games

Funny adult games are always a good w to break down barriers at a party. Games are always a big hit and a great way to get people to relax and laugh at themselves. There are quite a few fun games that adults always find humorous when played and what makes the ones below so great is that there are not a lot of supplies needed to play these games.

  1. "Love Is Blind" is a funny game to play and the only items needed are a blindfold and oven mitt. In order to play this game, one person is blindfolded and has to touch each player trying to him/her using only the oven mitt. This makes the game fun because as we all know, oven mitts are thick, so trying to identify another person only by what you feel can be a trying task. Also, the other players of the game have to remain completely silent no matter what part of the body the oven mitt is touching at the time so as to not give away their own identity. This game is definitely a great way to get to know everyone at the party and to see just how much you as an individual can take of someone touching you without saying a word.

  2. "Walking Along the Riverbanks" is game of trickery for the women at the party that they will not find funny until their turn is over. The only tools needed for this game are a long piece of paper and a blindfold. In the game, each female is pretending to walk along the riverbank and pretends that the paper is the river. She walks along the riverbank by having each foot on the opposite side of the paper while trying not to step on the paper which is the river. If that sounds easy enough to do, then beware, because the game doesn't end there, now the women are put into a different room and brought out individually blindfolded. The blindfolded woman is again going to walk the riverbank, but what she doesn't realize is that there is a man lying down in the river area. When the blindfolded woman is done walking, she sees a man lying face up in the river area that she just walked over. This woman that just walked the riverbank hopefully had on pant,s because if not, she will be embarrassed until the next woman's turn. This game is one of the best games to play because of the perceived deception.   

  3. "Statues" is a game for people that enjoy dancing. This game is played where everyone starts dancing, but when the music stops, everyone is supposed to freeze in the position they were in while dancing. This can be fun because as people begin dancing there are some that like to spin on the floor or throw their leg up in the air and if the music stops at that point, they are expected to stay in that position. Once the music stop,s whoever moves loses the game.

Funny adult games can be inexpensive as you can see and still allow everyone at the party to have a good time. Games are not just for kids anymore but are for the adults that enjoy laughing themselves and others.

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